SuiteWorld is the largest gathering and celebration of NetSuite customers, partners and developers that use the NetSuite platform to run their powerful and remarkable businesses. It takes place every year and this year was held in Las Vegas, had an estimated 10,000 people attend and centred around the strapline “Grow Beyond.”

NetSuite said, “This marks our ninth year of bringing together the NetSuite community and we will be showcasing why our customers grow beyond the expected – and how they have grown to be exceptional leaders in their industry.”

This year much of the focus was on the vertical-specific capabilities of SuiteSuccess, a new fully integrated Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service and the introduction of new international editions and localisations to support more customers all over the globe.

As well as the key focus on customer engagement and opportunity, including huge amounts of information regarding what to expect from NetSuite going forward, NetSuite has unveiled its plans to make partners just as successful as customers by announcing that as well as the SuiteSuccess customer programme, it will be introducing the SuiteLife programme to reach the full potential of its partners.

Days at SuiteWorld start with keynotes, and this year NetSuite did not disappoint with its cast of well-known and knowledgeable speakers. Highlights included Jason Maynard, Oracle NetSuite SVP, Global Field Operations, talking about how NetSuite helps customers unlock their growth potential and speaking with Shaquille O’Neal, a member of the NBA Hall of Fame, Media Personality and Entrepreneur on the subject. Another highlight was an extremely well received keynote speech from Gary Weissinger, Oracle NetSuite SVP, Product Management, with featured speakers, on the subject of products and the framework that is the NetSuite product roadmap.

Throughout the day conference goers are encouraged to go to presentations on different topics, and attend the Expo, where partners and customers and developers can meet and network. At the end of the day attendees don’t slow down and this year the Wednesday night evening show, that SuiteWorld is famous for, was GloFest with Shaquille O’Neal performing.

AzroNet had a great SuiteWorld 2019, we learnt so much about the new and upcoming releases to NetSuite and spent a lot of time networking with other partners and customers. We can’t wait until next year to do it all again!