Oxford Hospitals Charity is using Oracle NetSuite, implemented by specialist experts AzroNet, to provide more money to their 5 hospitals and almost 500 funds by:


  • enabling 1400 deserving Doctors in more than 450 key departments, to easily submit requests and justification on-line for equipment, materials and funds;
  • making the evaluation of applications and the distribution of grants more efficient and effective because of the single database and easy access by evaluators;
  • delivering more cash to distribute because of:
    • more and larger donations through better co-ordination and management;
    • cost savings through improved processes, and;
  • making reporting and governance more straightforward because of the best practice management and financial information.

Oxford Hospitals Charity is an NHS charity supporting the great work of hospitals, research teams and over 450 deserving funds. Almost every ward and department of their hospitals has felt the positive impact.


In 2019, the Charity was becoming concerned about the longevity of the existing provider of their financial and CRM systems, so they decided to evaluate alternatives.


They were also aware that the existing systems landscape comprised a number of separate systems with no integration between them. As a result, there was great deal of manual transfer of data from system to system with resulting costs and overheads.

Delays, the errors in data transfer and the difficulty of pulling together all the related information, combined to drive a need to look for a far more effective and efficient approach.




After a thorough evaluation and selection, they chose Oracle NetSuite as the best solution, implemented by specialist experts AzroNet. AzroNet’s specialist teams focussed on the key areas where improvements were needed and configured the NetSuite solution to:

  • deliver all the functionality needed by the financial and operational areas needed by the Charity, and
  • eliminate unnecessary data transfer and overheads, employing the single Netsuite database to ensure that reliable, complete information is presented as and when it is needed.



This all in one solution is delivering huge efficiency improvements and cost savings of £300k per year.


Now the Charity can seamlessly manage the flow of grant requests from on-line web applications through to the assessment specialists who have all the data they need at their fingertips.

Grants are made by funds transfer or automated, straight through the Charity’s procurement process to manage the selection, purchasing and delivery of the needed items. Transcriptions, re-keying errors and wasted time are things of the past.



The new single system also ensures best practice governance from full audit trail through to UK Fund Accounting and Charity Reporting, delivering further savings in time and cost.

All transactions are posted automatically into the Charity’s books and commitments within each fund are updated in real time. So, management of the Charity can now be confident that the needs of their donors and recipients are being met rapidly and efficiently, costs and overheads are lower and that all the specialist financial reporting of the Charity is accurately and speedily delivered.






AzroNet and the Charity’s project team worked tightly together to deliver a successful go-live in under six months.


More money for deserving causes, less time wasted and better visibility of information for all